10 Most Amazing Industrial Trucks in the World

Impressive high-powered heavy trucks, equipped  with huge trailers and high-powered cranes, which are used for transporting heavy loads, vehicle recovery or building structures.  

These are, the 10 Most Amazing  Industrial Trucks in the World

10. Haulmax 3900 

 It is a multipurpose truck with great traction and stability  that has been manufactured in Australia. It is designed to provide maximum  performance and safety in long distance work.  It can be configured as a transport  truck, trailer truck or tanker truck. It can be used for transporting heavy machinery  or for spraying the ground in open pit mining. It measures 12.8 meters in length  and has a weight of 53 tons.  It has an engine with 780 horsepower  and a torque of 3,500 newton meters.  It can carry a load of 100 tons and reaches  a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour. 

9. Doll Logo 12K 

It is an efficient and versatile logging truck that has been manufactured in Germany. It has been built from a 3-axle MAN TGS 33,500 truck, it cab can be raised and rotated up to 300 degrees, providing a panoramic view that facilitates the operator's work. It is equipped with a powerful telescopic crane and is used to pick up large amounts of logs and transport them to storage locations. It has an engine with 500 horsepower and a torque of 2,500 newton meters. It is equipped with a 3-axle extendable trailer, which can load logs with  a maximum length of up to 22 meters. 

8. Mercedes-Benz Axor 

It is a heavily armored truck that is used to transport valuables in Brazil. The Mercedes-Benz company has made special modifications to this vehicle to increase its capabilities and resistance. It is equipped with different  advanced security systems that guarantee the protection of the content the truck can transport 2 semi-trailers with a total load capacity of 175 cubic meters. Its great power and versatility allow it to efficiently transport different types of cargo. This truck is used in factories or distribution   centers, to transport valuable cargo such as luxury items, money or gold bars. 

7. ER-122000 L4 

It is a new generation truck which has been manufactured in Turkey. It is equipped with hydraulic stabilizers and a rotating articulated arm with a capacity of 120 tons. It measures 10.6 meters in length by 4 meters in height and has a weight of 34 tons. It is equipped with 4 automatic recovery winches that can pull a total weight of 60 tons. It can lift loads of 40 tons  and can tow vehicles of 32 tons. Its horizontal lifting capacity allows it to recover vehicles that are located under bridges or tunnels.

6. Oshkosh S-Series 

It is a high capacity and performance concrete mixer truck that has been manufactured in the United States. Its great maneuverability and small turning radius allow it to operate easily both in cities and on difficult terrain. It is designed to transport large quantities of concrete safely and  also to discharge concrete quickly. It has a 400 horsepower engine and its drum has a volume of 8,500 liters. This truck mixer is equipped with in-cab controls that allow the operator to precisely move the concrete chute in all directions. 

5. Dramis D150T 

It is a high performance   mining truck that has been manufactured in Canada is designed to provide maximum productivity in   heavy duty open pit mining It has an engine with 605   horsepower and a torque of 2,700 newton meters. It can carry a load of 150 tons and reaches a   speed of 50 kilometers per hour at full load. its double trailer has a total capacity of   80 cubic meters and can unload laterally it is currently used in mines in Canada to   transport large quantities of ore over  distances of more than 280 kilometers.

4. Volvo FH16 750 

It is a transport truck with great power and maneuverability that has been manufactured in Sweden. It is designed to provide maximum  efficiency and versatility  It is used to transport large tonnage indivisible goods, at a high average speed on different types of roads. measures 5.7 meters in length, has a gross weight   of 18 tons and can carry loads of up to 60 tons It is equipped with advanced security systems,   virtual assistant and camera vision system It has an engine with 750 horsepower,   a torque of 3,550 newton meters and can reach  a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour. 

3. Rexx Bis 

It is a highly efficient and productive mining   truck that has been manufactured in Australia It is designed to provide maximum maneuverability   and reduce fuel consumption by up to  40% compared to other similar trucks.  It measures 14.3 meters in length by 4.8  meters in height and has a weight of 67 tons.  It is equipped with multiple systems that  increase your safety even on difficult terrain.  it has 5 axles and 20 tires and its load  capacity is 160 tons or 130 cubic meters  It has an engine with 1,100 horsepower and can  reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. 

2. XCMG XCA 1600  

It is a 9 axle all terrain crane  truck which has been made in China.  It is designed to be used in the  installation of large wind turbines  measures 21.5 meters in length by 4  meters in height and weighs 96 tons  It has a 640 horsepower engine and can  reach a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour.  Its main boom plus its secondary boom can  reach a total height of 293 meters and it   has a maximum load capacity of 1,600 tons. This crane truck has broken a world record   by installing a 90-tonne engine on a  wind turbine at a height of 140 metres. 

1. Nicolas Tractomas D75 8x8 

It is a heavy transport truck   that has been manufactured in France is designed to transport extremely   heavy and bulky loads over long distances It measures 10.6 meters in length, has a weight   of 40 tons and can tow a load of up to 1,000 tons. It has an engine with 900 horsepower, a torque of   4,000 newton meters and can reach  a speed of 63 kilometers per hour.  It is equipped with external protection  systems and an anti-roll system  This truck has been used in countries  such as South Africa or Australia   for open pit mining and for the  transport of bulky loads by road. 

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